Kane Brown's Romantic Duet With Wife Katelyn Will Melt Your Heart

Photo: Getty Images

Kane Brown and Katelyn Brown are couple goals in the romantic duet they debuted on Friday (September 9), along with Kane’s highly-anticipated album Different Man. Kane kicked off the weekend introducing his “newest single with my beautiful wife,” prompting immediate praise from fans. Some even predicted this will be “everyone’s first dance song for the next 20 years!”

Katelyn deemed the song and music video “the most special experience with the love of my life,” marking its release after days of teasing the duet on her social media channels. The husband and wife duo sing: “I thank God/ I get to wake up by your side and thank God/ Your hand fits perfectly in mine and thank God/ You loved me when you didn't have to/ But you did and you do and He knew/ Thank God for giving me you, thank God.”

“Thank God” is one of many highlights on Brown’s 17-track project, which also includes the title track “Different Man” with country music giant Blake Shelton: “What if I was made for the stage/ What if I was made for the lights/ What if I was chosen to write the stories/ Wasn't built to work the line/ Oh, what if I was different/ Would I wanna be different?”

  1. Bury Me In Georgia
  2. Different Man feat. Blake Shelton
  3. Like I Love Country Music
  4. Go Around
  5. Grand
  6. See You Like I Do
  7. Thank God feat. Katelyn Brown
  8. Leave You Alone
  9. Riot
  10. One Mississippi
  11. Drunk or Dreamin’
  12. Losing You
  13. Whiskey Sour
  14. Pop’s Last Name
  15. Devil Don’t Even Bother
  16. Nothin’ I’d Change
  17. Dear Georgia

Kane, who talked about his long-awaited album and what’s happening in his life right now during a stop by The Bobby Bones Show on Friday, will undoubtedly have fans who recognize some previously-released tracks as they make their way through the full album: “Leave You Alone,” “One Mississippi,” “Whiskey Sour,” “Go Around,” “Grand,” and “Like I Love Country Music.” Listen to some of the highlights of the album — including Kane’s heartfelt duet with Katelyn — below.

“Thank God”