Ingrid Andress Doesn't Hold Back On Powerful Project: 'Good Person'

Photo: Getty Images

Ingrid Andress delves into a range of emotions throughout Good Person, her highly-anticipated 13-track project that debuted on Friday (August 26). The album is a journey, juxtaposing darkness and light from the beginning to the end.

“i can’t believe it but good person is OUT NOW,” Andress shared on her social media channels. “tbh im celebrating right now with my band & manager and trying to live in this moment so I’ll give y’all full emo later (or just listen to the album and you’ll know how emo I am).”

Andress shared a few of the songs before unleashing the full collection, including “Pain,” a powerful track that serves as the “pivot point” of Good Person, transitioning from heavy emotions to brighter perspectives. The singer-songwriter “wrote this song ['Pain'] when i was going thru some major life changes that were extremely difficult. but sometimes you just gotta go head first into the uncomfortable feelings and soak it all in to get to the other, brighter side. I love you and ur gonna get thru it,” Andress previously shared on Twitter.

  1. Good Person
  2. Yearbook
  3. Seeing Someone Else
  4. Talk
  5. How Honest Do You Want Me To Be?
  6. No Choice
  7. Pain
  8. Feel Like This
  9. Blue
  10. Falling For You
  11. All The Love
  12. Things That Haven’t Happened Yet
  13. Wishful Drinking (feat. Sam Hunt)

Before listeners reach “Pain” on the track list, they’ll hear Andress’ introspective title track, seeking what it truly means to be a “Good Person.” Andress explained that although she’s strived to be a “good person” throughout her life, mistakes are “inevitable,” and oftentimes, the definition of a “good person” varies from one person to the next. Andress said earlier this year: “Something as universal as wanting to be a good person is still the most unknown thing. We all want to be a good person, but none of us can agree on what that looks like. Some of us strive to be the best versions of ourselves because we’re constantly growing and changing. I think we’re all gonna have our own definitions of it forever.”

Andress, a former iHeartCountry On The Verge artist, also calls outa partner in a toxic relationship on “Seeing Someone Else,” a song that paints the picture of a person only seeing their partner for a previous version of themselves rather than allowing room for growth. Andress reflected: “some people want to keep you exactly where you are for as long as possible, even if it’s hurting you… I hope this song makes you feel as liberated as I felt when writing it.”

Now on tour with Keith Urban (and Tyler Hubbard, joining next month), Andress unveiled some of the lighter tracks from the second half of the album. One of those was “Blue,” a sentimental tribute to falling in love. She also performed “Feel Like This” on Jimmy Kimmel Live to mark her album’s release. Watch her performance, and listen to some of her latest songs below. Listen to the full album on iHeartRadio here.