Ingrid Andress Seeks To Define What It Means To Be A 'Good Person'

Photo: Getty Images

Ingrid Andress is embarking on a journey to determine what it means to be a good person in her new song and music video that she released on Friday (April 15). Letting out a big sigh, Andress delved into the inspiration behind her song in a recent Instagram post:

“I don’t know if it’s because I wrote a song called ‘Good Person’ that I’m now hearing people use that term all the time. I’ve tried to be a good person my entire life. You find out that you make mistakes even though you are trying not to, but they’re just inevitable. And it’s always so interesting because when people are referring to somebody as a ‘good person,’ it’s always for a different reason, and it’s based on the values they have in their life. And so, when they see somebody else emulating values that they also value it’s like, that’s what makes them a good person.
“Everything is so relative to what we’ve been trained to think in our lives, and that looks so different for everybody. And so, writing this song ‘Good Person’ was more of me questioning if I was a good person. Something as universal as wanting to be a good person is still the most unknown thing. We all want to be a good person, but none of us can agree on what that looks like. Some of us strive to be the best versions of ourselves because we’re constantly growing and changing. I think we’re all gonna have our own definitions of it forever.”

Andress, a former iHeartCountry On The Verge artist, broke out with her debut single “More Hearts Than Mine,” a sentimental ballad that autions falling in love too fast — particularly, warning of the heartache that will follow if the couple splits after meeting her family. Andress co-wrote the song with Derrick Southerland and Sam Ellis. More recently, she also teamed up with Sam Hunt on “Wishful Drinking.” Watch Andress’ latest music video here: