Luke Combs Stops Concert To Help Fan Who Needed Medical Attention

Photo: Getty Images

Luke Combs stopped singing during a recent performance when he noticed someone in the audience who needed help.

“Hold on a sec,” Combs said in a video captured by an audience member who shared the clip on TikTok. The fan captioned the TikTok, “Luke Combs stops show to help a guy who passed out,” including Coyote Joe’s as a hashtag. The North Carolina venue has hosted shows by major country artists, including Garth Brooks, Jason Aldean, Brooks & Dunn and North Carolina native Combs. The TikTok creator added in a comment, “This just shows what a good guy Luke is.”

“Y’all got a medic in here?” Combs asked on stage as he gestured toward the person who needed help. Combs passed a bottle of water to the fan, and the crowd cheered him on, calling out: “You’re the man, Luke!” At least one person called for someone to turn on the air conditioner. Combs later directed the audience to clear a path to “get this man some help. Somebody that’s with him, raise your hand so everybody can see… Where’s he at? Right here.”

TikTok users dropped comments praising Combs for his response, and some of them who attended the show could attest, “this was the hottest concert I think I’ve ever been (to). Inside or outside I think this one wins.” The man’s mother also thanked Combs in the comments, calling him “an absolutely amazing person!!”

Most recently, Combs released Growin’ Up, a 12-track project that includes “Doin’ This,” “The Kind of Love We Make,” “Tomorrow Me,” “Outrunnin’ Your Memory” (a duet with Miranda Lambert” and other fan-favorite songs. He released the collection a few days after he and his wife, Nicole, welcomed their first child, son Tex Lawrence. Combs shared in a tweet at the time: “I’ve got a beautiful, healthy baby boy, an amazing wife, a good dog, good friends, good family, and the best fans. I’m having a whiskey by myself to celebrate and process it all. Life is good. Cheers!”