Listen To Miranda Lambert's Sneak Peek Of Her Scorching Revenge Anthem

Photo: Getty Images

Miranda Lambert shared a new sneak peek of her soon-to-debut single, “Wranglers,” on Wednesday (April 24). The post on her social media pages offers a snippet of the rock-infused country anthem that’s all about “getting revenge in the best way… Burnin’ it down.”

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned 🔥,” Lambert wrote in her caption on Instagram as she shared the 25-second clip. She sings: “If he ever loved her/ He never let it show/ If she didn’t need him/ She’d a left him long ago/ She set it all on fire/ And if there’s one thing that she learned/ Wranglers take forever to burn.”

Lambert began hinting at her fiery new anthem last week, reflecting on some of her most iconic, career-spanning singles over the years. A reel she shared on April 19 included music video scenes from her 2011 anthem “Mama’s Broken Heart,” 2014’s “Little Red Wagon,” her 2014 collaboration with Carrie Underwood, “Somethin’ Bad,” and 2005’s “Kerosene.” The all-capital text at the end read: “TO BE CONTINUED…”

Lambert confirmed that her next single, “Wranglers,” will release on May 3. It will mark the latest release from the “Gunpowder & Lead” powerhouse sing her live rendition of “Carousel,” from the 2023 ACM Awards. She also teamed up with Leon Bridges on “If You Were Mine” last year, and joined Enrique Iglesias on “Space In My heart” earlier this year. Her latest full-length album is Palomino, a 15-track project that takes listeners on a 36-destination journey with a cast of unique characters along the way. Lambert marked Palomino’s release with an exclusive iHeartCountry LIVE show at her bar on Lower Broadway in Downtown Nashville, Tennessee. The bar, Casa Rosa, now displays Lambert’s cover art for “Wranglers.”

Listen to the sneak peek here: