Miranda Lambert Reveals Fiery Revenge Anthem After Posting Cryptic Teasers

Photo: Getty Images

Miranda Lambert announced her next single on Tuesday morning (April 23), days after posting a cryptic video that seemingly hinted at a fiery new chapter on the way.

Lambert confirmed her new song “Wranglers” will arrive on May 3. She posted the cover art with her announcement on her social media pages, which appeared to be postmarked and singed around the edges. A second photo of a hand-written message on the back of a postcard reads: “Wranglers is about getting revenge in the best way… Burnin’ it down.” Placed by the card is a burned-out match.

Lambert has recently shared some teasers that seemingly indicated she had something in the works. The Texas-born hitmaker captioned a reel on Instagram, “she set it it all on fire…🔥,” as she shared some snippets of some of the most iconic music videos of her career. Viewers caught snapshots of videos to Lambert’s 2011 anthem “Mama’s Broken Heart,” 2014’s “Little Red Wagon,” her 2014 collaboration with Carrie Underwood, “Somethin’ Bad,” and 2005’s “Kerosene.” Lambert closed the reel with “to be continued,” and posted on Monday (April 22): “Burning sh*t since 1983. Announcement tomorrow…🔥”

The “Gunpowder & Lead” artist released her latest full-length album, Palomino, in April 2022, taking listeners on a 36-destination, cross-country journey with a vibrant cast of characters along the way. Lambert marked its release with an exclusive iHeartCountry LIVE show at her bar on Lower Broadway in Downtown Nashville, Tennessee. Recent releases from Lambert include “If You Were Mine” with Leon Bridges, her live rendition of Palomino’s “Carousel” from the 2023 ACM Awards, and “Space in My Heart” with Enrique Iglesias.