Katelyn Brown's Gorgeous Christmas Cover Has Fans Begging For Family Album

Photo: Getty Images

Katelyn Brown's gorgeous cover of a classic Christmas song is just more proof that we need her to collaborate with her husband Kane Brown again for an entire Brown Family album.

On Friday (December 22), Katelyn shared a video on Instagram of her getting into the holiday spirit by performing a cover of "Grown-Up Christmas List" alongside her friend Laura Thorson. Katelyn started off the song by singing about wishing for "childhood fantasies" when she was younger before Laura joined in to add an incredible harmony as the pair sang, "I'm not a child but my heart still can dream" and detail their "lifelong wish" for a "world in need."

"Can't believe Christmas is in a few days," she captioned the video, which can be seen below.

The stunning cover was met with a lot of love in the comments, including a sweet shoutout from her husband who wrote "sang it girl" and said that Laura's harmony was fire.

Of course, the "One Mississippi" singer wasn't the only one loving the song. Many comments said something along the lines of "You and Kane need to do more songs together," referencing the couple's popular duet "Thank God." Others are hopeful for an album with the entire family, with one user writing, "BROWN FAMILY CHRISTMAS ALBUM?! Mom, Dad, and the kiddos."