Kelsea Ballerini Shares Special Moment With Divorced Fan In Emotional Video

Photo: Getty Images

Kelsea Ballerini brought comfort to a fan after a recent show.

The fan, whose name is Josie, shared a video of her encounter with the "Blindsided" singer after her "HEARTFIRST Tour" concert in Detroit on Tuesday (March 7). In the video, you can see Josie introducing herself to Kelsea and as they share a hug, Josie seemingly tells the 29-year-old singer that she recently got divorced. Ballerini and ex-husband Morgan Evans finalized their divorce back in November after a nearly-five-year marriage.

"Are you OK now?" Kelsea asked Josie, who said she was indeed OK. Kelsea asked the same question again to make sure she actually was, though. "Are you happy? Are you dating again?" she continued. Josie said she was "trying," and Kelsea said, "That's the hardest part."

After sharing another embrace, Kelsea told Josie, "I'm so happy to meet you and I'm sorry that happened to you, but I'm also, I feel like because you did that, you are in this new season of life. You'll get rewarded for that. I really believe that, I really believe that."

Ballerini is currently in that new season of life herself, fresh off an appearance on Saturday Night Live! and getting into the groove of her new relationship with Outer Banks star Chase Stokes. She also released an EP last month with new songs about her divorce from Evans, which includes lyrics like, "It hurts putting sh-- in a box/And now we don't talk/And it stings rolling up the welcome mat/Knowing you got half." She called the EP her "healing journey" and "my truth" when she released it on Valentine's Day.

"i've never been this open, i’ve never been this bold, and i’ve never been this proud of my art. so with love and respect, i’m rolling up the welcome mat," she wrote on Instagram at the time.