Kylie Morgan & Jay Allen Get Married In Florida After Postponing Wedding

Photo: Getty Images

Kylie Morgan and Jay Allen have finally tied the knot after they were forced to delay their wedding because of Hurricane Ian. The two artists finally got married on Sunday (November 27), and have shared stunning photos from their long-awaited wedding day.

Morgan, 27, told PEOPLE that “there was honestly never an ideal moment to say, ‘I do,’” crediting the singer-songwriter couple’s hectic schedules. She opted to take the week off from Tyler Rich’s tour to return to Fort Myers, Florida to marry The Voice alum, and go back to Seattle, Washington afterward (and she “truly believe(s) we are just as strong apart as we are together”). She and Allen, 36, finally for married with a ceremony on Sunday and legally on Monday (November 28), when they shared on Instagram that they’d forgotten their marriage license.

“It was important to us that our wedding felt unique and non-traditional and accurately represented who we are, not only as individuals, but also what we embody as a couple,” Morgan said of the wedding as she spoke with PEOPLE. She added that the couple shared an intimate moment for their first look. “Our lives and relationship are extremely public, so it was very special to share such an intimate moment between the two of us. It will be something we remember for the rest of our lives.”

Morgan also shared that she and Allen changed their last names together. She explained to PEOPLE that “Morgan” is her middle name, and “Allen” is her husband’s middle name. Morgan — who confirmed that she and her husband would go on their honeymoon at a later date — knew she wanted to take the last name that many people know her husband as, and knew that she wanted them both to change their names as equals. She said: “How I knew I was making the right decision? He did it without hesitation. Now we get to start our own legacy together as Jay Morgan Allen & Kylie Morgan Allen.”

Morgan previously spoke with iHeartRadio about her relationship with Allen, how the relationship inspired her latest 5-track project (Songs To Say I Do), and how fans could shop her bridesmaids looks ahead of the wedding. Morgan recalled that after she and Allen met, she knew that, “for the first time ever, I didn’t have to apologize for what I do, (or) what dreams I’m chasing and the aspirations that I have.” She even penned a few heartfelt songs that “I was really, really proud of and excited about.”

The “Bridesmaids” artist also shared that she and Allen used their original wedding weekend “to be glued to our phones and plan a whole relief concert,” raising $65,000 for residents of Fort Myers Beach, Florida. Morgan also noted that, because of a surgery, her father’s attendance at her wedding was a bit questionable. Now, with a “beautiful” new venue donated to the newlyweds, “all these little seeds were planted after the fact that now we get to have a part of our special day that we weren't going to originally.”

See stunning photos of the newlywed couple here: