How Kylie Morgan Is Offering A Unique Chance To Shop Her Bridesmaid Looks

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Kylie Morgan finds it “all very ironic” that her latest 5-track project is entirely made up of love songs (not to mention one viral TikTok anthem), because she “was the girl who swore she would never get married.”

Morgan recalls a time that she avoided writing love songs because “I thought they were cheesy,” and couldn’t see a life that included both a thriving career in music and a thriving relationship.

Then, she met Jay Allen.

Morgan and the The Voice alum clicked right away. Once they met, she knew that, “for the first time ever, I didn’t have to apologize for what I do, (or) what dreams I’m chasing and the aspirations that I have.” She even penned a few heartfelt songs that “I was really, really proud of and excited about,” she recalled as she recently caught up with iHeartRadio.

Since meeting Allen, Morgan has changed her tune on love songs as she watched her relationship grow, released an emotional EP inspired by the entire wedding process, watched in real time as one of those songs went viral, had her original wedding date postponed because of the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, and found a few silver linings — including a partnership with David’s Bridal that nods to her hit song, “Bridesmaids.”

Kylie Morgan's Inspiration Behind Songs To Say I Do

Songs To Say I Do is a 5-track collection that begins with “Fireworks,” a song inspired by the day Morgan and Allen met, and moving through a few major milestones of the relationship. “Good Hands,” which Morgan deemed perhaps her favorite song she’s written, stems from the moment that Morgan’s dad met Allen for the first time. “Bridesmaids” is a tribute to Morgan’s friends post-engagement (Allen popped the question during an onstage moment the Nashville bar where they often performed, in front of all of their family and friends), “Always Been You” is the wedding song she wrote for her future husband, and “That’s My Man” closes the EP with “‘honeymoon beach’ vibes.”

Morgan had already released another project earlier this year, her EP called P.S., a 7-song collection that debuted over the summer. Morgan said that although it’s uncommon for an artist to release two projects per year through a label, she arrived with a persuasive PowerPoint ready to convince others that one song had the potential to go viral on social media: “Bridesmaids.”

“’Give any girl an excuse to post wedding photos. She will do it. It's going to be huge. You just gotta trust me,’” Morgan remembers of her convincing. Though she admitted feeling nervous when the song finally released, she watched her song garner 4.5 million views in the first 24 hours, and has seen thousands of women create their own videos with her song (and millions view it). “…for everyone to use my song to tell their story, it has just been so magical. Because I feel like it's a direct way to, for me to get to know the fans better.”

How To Shop Kylie Morgan's Bridesmaids Looks

Inspired by “Bridesmaids,” Morgan and David’s Bridal will host a Songs To Say I Do release party at the retailer’s new location in Franklin, Tennessee, south of Nashville (the “bachelorette capital of the freaking world,” Morgan noted of the downtown that’s packed with veils and pedal taverns). Morgan worked with David’s Bridal to outfit her 11 bridesmaids, her mother and her flower girl, as well as her custom departure dress for her wedding day. David’s Bridal customers will have an opportunity to shop Morgan’s bridesmaid looks at the event and online, per a press release from the retailer.

“Kylie's 'Bridesmaids' song is such an amazing anthem for a bride and her tribe," said Kelly Cook, Chief Marketing & IT Officer of David's Bridal. “The whole album celebrates love and the thrill of finding the right one. We are so honored to be a part of her wedding, her music, and her happiness. David's is the ultimate party destination, and we are thrilled to throw the biggest party in celebration of Kylie's EP and all her success”

Morgan’s release party — which includes a 30-minute set performed by the country singer-songwriter — is set to take place at the new David’s Bridal Cool Springs location at 1728 Galleria Boulevard, Suite 101 in Franklin. It begins at 6 p.m. and continues until 8 p.m. on Thursday (November 3). Attendees can RSVP to the event on Facebook here.

“To be able to get that emotion, as well as having so many of my bridesmaids and my fans and my friends in one place while we are celebrating the creation of these songs and the message behind them, I think it's gonna be just pretty magical and pretty emotional,” Morgan said of upcoming live performances of her Songs To Say I Do tracks. “I’m gonna have to wear waterproof mascara, for sure.”

How Kylie Morgan And Jay Allen Navigated Changes To Their Wedding Plans

Morgan is gearing up for her big day later this month, postponed from earlier this year after Hurricane Ian made landfall as a category 4 storm. Morgan acknowledged that she appreciates everyone’s concern as sh and Allen had to push back their big day, but they managed to use their original wedding weekend for something else… The singing-songwriting couple “decided to be glued to our phones and plan a whole relief concert,” Morgan recalled, raising $65,000 for residents of Fort Myers Beach, Florida. Morgan also noted that, because of a surgery, her father’s attendance at her wedding was a bit questionable. Now, with a “beautiful” new venue donated to the soon-to-be newlyweds, “all these little seeds were planted after the fact that now we get to have a part of our special day that we weren't going to originally.”

Morgan and Allen are set to get married on Sunday, November 27.