Runaway June's Chaotic Bar Scene Is 'Based On A True Story'


Runaway June’s post-breakup anthem sets a chaotic scene in its new music video, and its “based on a true story” that might be more relatable than some viewers expect. “Broken Hearts (Do Broken Things)” marked one of the trio’s first singles with new bandmate Stevie Woodward, who joined the group earlier this year and acts as the lead subject of the video, directed by Taylor Kelly.

Woodward released the heartbreak anthem on October 28 with fellow bandmates Jennifer Wayne and Natalie Stovall, inspired by “that feeling of getting your heart broken and going out and doing some questionable things,” Runaway June shared at that time. The trio aimed to make the song “feel as supportive and inclusive as possible.” Wayne added when the song released that “it’s all three of us singing to you and letting everyone know we’re all in this together. …I think there’s a real beauty in that.”

“She’s been making out with strangers / Shoots tequila without chasers / Been crying in the club / Sweepin’ tears under the rug / She’s been dancing up on tables / Call her crazy and unstable / But she ain’t as messed up as you think.”

Watch the new “Broken Hearts (Do Broken Things)” music video here: