Here's Why Runaway June's Bold New Heartbreak Anthem Might Sound Familiar

Photo: Getty Images

Runaway June marked the dawn of a new era for the beloved country trio with the release of “Broken Hearts (Do Broken Things),” a heartache song that’s one of the first new releases with the group’s new bandmate, Stevie Woodward. Runaway June released the heartbreak anthem on Friday (October 28).

Woodward, who became a part of Runaway June earlier this year, explained that the new song is inspired by a universal feeling: “We all know that feeling of getting your heart broken and going out and doing some questionable things, so we wanted to make ‘Broken Hearts’ feel as supportive and inclusive as possible.”

“She’s been making out with strangers / Shoots tequila without chasers / Been crying in the club / Sweepin’ tears under the rug / She’s been dancing up on tables / Call her crazy and unstable / But she ain’t as messed up as you think.”

“Instead of making it just about one person’s experience, it’s all three of us singing to you and letting everyone know we’re all in this together,” Runaway June co-founder Jennifer Wayne added. “It’s our way of telling people, ‘We all screw up sometimes, but it’s okay because you’re gonna get through it and come out the other side.’ I think there’s a real beauty in that.”

Woodward joined Wayne and Natalie Stovall in Runaway June, following former lead singer Naomi Cooke Johnson’s departure from the group. Cooke Johnson announced in February that she would leave Runaway June to pursue solo projects. She said at the time that she was “so grateful for the memories and time well spent with my bandmates, Hannah (Mulholland)Jen and Natalie.” Cooke Johnson helped launch Runaway June in 2015. Mulholland announced in 2020 that she would leave the trio, and Stovall filled her spot shortly after.

Wayne recalled that Woodward “was perfect in every way” to join the trio, and that the three women’s chemistry was a priority. Stovall added that anytime Runaway June has played “Broken Hearts (Do Broken Things)” live, “we see the groups of girls out in the crowd dancing and going crazy, acting out the lyrics. That’s exactly what we want from all our music – for people to hear it, let loose, and have so much fun.”

Listen to the newest song from Runaway June here: