Elle King Unleashes A Project That Calls For A 'Hallelujah, A-Freakin-Men'

Photo: Getty Images

Elle King said it was “one of the most creatively freeing and wonderful experiences I have ever been a part of,” when she brought her latest music video to life with a project directed by actress and writer Edi Patterson.

King’s “Try Jesus” video premiered on Friday (October 21), seeing the singer-songwriter take a spiritual journey through a small-town Dollar Mart Plus: “Try Jesus/ See what all the fuss is about/ Been thinkin’ I should/ Try Jesus/ Cause every other man let me down/ Got me singin’ Hey Hallelujah, A-freakin’-men/ Maybe I don’t need me anybody but him.”

King said as she stirred excitement for the music video on social media that Patterson directed and conceptualized the music video, awhile still allowing room for collaboration and a “burst of silliness and beauty,” King wrote in her caption on Instagram. “I am so in awe of what can happen when women in this industry lift each other up, see, express talent, make people laugh their a**es off, and have FUN with creativity.”

“ELLE, I LOVE YOU BACK!! What an amazing experience,” Patterson gushed in the comments, eager for fans to see it. “You SHINE!! ❤️❤️❤️”

“Try Jesus” is one of 12 tracks to appear on King’s upcoming country album, Come Get Your Wife, which is set to release on January 27, 2023. Watch King’s new music video here: