Tyler Hubbard Proves That He's The Best Dad In The Sweetest Way

Photo: Getty Images

Tyler Hubbard showed, once again, that he’s the best girl dad. The country singer-songwriter premiered the new, unofficial music video for “Inside And Out” on Friday (September 23), sharing a heartwarming visual for the song dedicated to his young daughter, Liv. As dozens of children of all ages play outside — and look into a mirror to see “the most beautiful person” — Hubbard sings a sweet message:

“You're the sun in my sky, you're the sweet part of life/ You go easy on the eyes, you're so beautiful/ From your head to your toes, in your heart and your soul/ I hope you always know you're so beautiful/ Beautiful inside, inside and out/ Inside, inside and out/ You're beautiful inside, inside and out/ Inside, inside and out, yeah”

Hubbard shared on Instagram that the video “really captured the essence and heart of the song. It brings me back to the feeling of being a kid where the innocence, fun, and beauty of life was all I knew. I hope this video makes you smile and brings you a childlike joy the way it did for me when we were filming this video.”

Hubbard, also a proud father to sons Atlas and Luca, shared a teaser of “Inside And Out” earlier this year, before the song released on his 6-track project, Dancin’ In The Country, which also includes the song he wrote for his wife Hayley (“5 Foot 9”). Hubbard was driving Liv to school when she wanted to hear “hear song,” so the country superstar shared a snippet of it on his Instagram story as Liv grinned from ear to ear. Hubbard wrote in his captions that he “will tell her this forever,” and “You’re so beautiful….Inside and out.”

“For those who are asking… that last song is called ‘inside and out.’ Yes, it’s a new song. No, it’s not out yet,” Hubbard said on Instagram in May. “Yes, it will be out eventually and I’m excited for the world to hear it and learn every word like Liv has. :)”

“Inside And Out” released on Dancin’ In The Country last month, just in time for Hubbard to join Keith Urban’s headlining tour, which also includes Ingrid Andress. He said at the time, in part: “I’ve poured my heart and soul into this music and every step of the process has been an absolute blast. …I genuinely hope this music brings the fans as much joy as it’s brought me and I can’t thank y’all enough for all the support and love you’ve shown me as we continue this journey together.”

Watch Hubbard’s new “Inside And Out” music video here: