Tyler Hubbard's Sweetest Family Moments: 'I’m Really Thankful To Be A Dad'

Photo: Getty Images

Aside from his work as a singer-songwriter, many people would know Tyler Hubbard as a proud husband and father. The “5 Foot 9” artist often shares heartwarming moments with his wife Hayley and their three young children: Liv, Atlas and Luca.

Hubbard, who is making his debut as a solo artist, released his first single last month. The sweet song was inspired by his wife, and Hayley gushed over how proud she was of her superstar husband on the day the song dropped: “Celebrating this guy today (and every day) so proud of him and this song. I’ve been happy teary-eyed all morning.” The country artist also shares adorable moments with his kids, including an unreleased song he wrote for his daughter. Hubbard recently opened up, in a statement shared by his record label, about what being a father means to him:

“Well, I think being a dad is one of the most special gifts in the world. I’m getting to watch kids grow up – a big responsibility, but also a lot of joy. I mean, so much fun, and to have three little kids, man, it’s a house full of energy. It’s a whole lot of fun. And one of the coolest things about it that I’ve found is it helps me kind of channel my inner child. It takes me back to being a kid and how much fun just jumping on the trampoline and playing basketball and playing outside and all that really is and how good it is for us. I’ve lost that for quite a few years, getting wrapped up in my career and working hard and just prioritizing that over being a kid and just playing. So, it’s been really healthy and helpful to me to have these kids running around to just kind of channel that little boy inside of me and the person that I want to be and it’s been really healthy and really fun and kind of re-energized me creatively as well as a songwriter and as an artist. So, I’m really thankful to be a dad. Love those three little kids more than anything in the world, and it’s just so special.”

See some of the cutest moments the Hubbard family has shared here: