Hunter Hayes Breaks Out Of His Comfort Zone On Unreleased Track

Photo: Getty Images

Hunter Hayes is getting ready to drop the next single from his upcoming album, following “Missing You” last month. Hayes confirmed on his social media channels that the “next page of the Red Sky album, [“Could’ve Been You”] will be revealed August 26th!!!”

Immediately, Hayes’ fans were eager to hear the song he would release next (especially when he shared a brief teaser, calling it his “first ‘f*** you’ song”): “This song is gonna be absolute 🔥🔥🔥🔥sometimes you just need a song like this!!,” “So insanely proud you and I’m soo excited to hear this! Already know it’s going to be boppy,” “The fire in me is already vibing with this. Thank you for reaching into my soul and making this F*** YOU ANTHEM a bop! 🔥,” “Excited is an understatement. Yay 🥳🥳🥳.”

“Could’ve Been You” marks the latest song from Hayes since he debuted “Missing You” in July, a long-awaited single that kicks off “the beginning of a new era and I’m so happy we’re here!” Hayes wrote in a lengthy Instagram caption at the time. “It’s part of a new album, with a new sound, and a new creative spirit that I can’t wait for you to hear more from!”

Hayes’ upcoming project follows his complete Wild Blue album, a 16-track collection that he released in October of 2021. See his latest announcement here: