LeAnn Rimes Delves Into Mental Health In Ty Herndon's Debut Podcast Episode

Photo: Getty Images

Ty Herndon debuted his new ten-episode podcast on Wednesday (August 17), launching the series with country music icon LeAnn Rimes as his first guest. Together, the two delved into music and mental health.

Soundboard with Ty Herndon will feature “conversations with high-profile artists discussing their wins and struggles in their mental fitness journeys. The series is designed to mirror the themes of Herndon’s new album and will be released alongside the album, Jacob,” reads the description of the country artist’s new series, which is also set to feature interviews with Cody Alan, Michael Ray, Crystal Lewis and others. Herndon explained in a statement about the mission of his podcast:

"This podcast is all about using the power each of us has to turn up the positive voices in our heads and turn down those negative thoughts that creep in and sow doubt and despair. I'm looking forward to speaking with some of my amazing fellow artists in music and entertainment about how they stay mentally fit amid the chaos of all that life throws at them personally and professionally."

“Growing up in the music industry is sure to come with many twists and turns. And spoiler alert- there's no guide on how to navigate your mental health that comes with the fame. So how do these stars do it and what do they wish they could tell their younger selves?” Herndon’s description of his premiere episode reads. Rimes joined him “for a conversation as these two longtime friends recall their first times performing together, complications in LeAnn’s career as a young star, details about their personal mental fitness journeys reflected in their new music, and more.”

Herndon and Rimes also talked about Rimes’ highly-anticipated new album, god’s work, which is set to release next month on September 16. The 12-track project is one that Rimes said “is beyond special to me and we have carefully curated every step of this process, like never before,” Rimes previously said. She opted to keep each letter lowercased because “If we’re arguing about why the ‘g’ is or isn’t capitalized, we’re missing the whole point. It’s so important for us to focus on the messages, rather than the nuances.”

See the full track list here:

  1. spaceship
  2. the only (Ft. Ziggy MarleyLedisiand Ben Harper)
  3. awakening
  4. how much a heart can hold
  5. throw my arms around the world
  6. the wild (Ft. Sheila E. and Mickey Guyton)
  7. innocent
  8. god’s work (Ft. Robert RandolphMickey Guyton, and Tata Vega)
  9. something better’s coming
  10. imagined with love
  11. there will be a better day
  12. i do (Duet by Aloe Blacc and LeAnn Rimes)