'Love Is A Cowboy': Kelsea Ballerini Kicks Off Countdown To Next New Song

Photo: Getty Images

Now that she’s properly introduced fans to her next era of music with ‘90s country-inspired single “HEARTFIRST,” Kelsea Ballerini is getting ready to roll out more new music. The award-winning singer-songwriter announced on her social media channels on Thursday morning (July 14) that another song from her album is set to debut just in time for the weekend.

“Love Is A Cowboy” will premiere on Friday (July 15), marking the second song fans will get to hear from Ballerini’s highly-anticipated upcoming album, Subject To Change. Ballerini announced on Wednesday (July 13) that Subject To Change is due on September 23, confirming its release after dropping tons of teasers (and even revealing the album title ahead of time, though her subtle hints went largely unnoticed).

The entire album, like “HEARTFIRST,” is a collection that’s “heavily influenced” by ‘90s music, and ‘90s female country music specifically, Ballerini shared on TikTok recently. When she debuted “HEARTFIRST” earlier this year, Ballerini said the tone of the song and the whole project is “very warm, very breezy-feeling, very settled.”

As fans eagerly await Subject To Change, Ballerini said what lies ahead is “a season of becoming, healing, loving, dancing and feeling. And like everything, it is subject to change.”

Listen to Ballerini’s sneak peek of “Love Is A Cowboy” here: