'HEARTFIRST': Watch Kelsea Ballerini Jump Right In With 'Wonderland' Vibes

Photo: Getty Images

Kelsea Ballerini is “on cloud nine” now that her latest music video is available for the world to see. Debuting on Thursday (July 7), “HEARTFIRST” sees the award-winning singer-songwriter in a rom com-worthy opening scene.

Ballerini walks down the sidewalk cradling a paper bag full of groceries in one arm and holding a cup of coffee in her other hand, talking on the phone that she holds between her ear and her shoulder. That’s when she bumps into a man walking his dog, and gazes upward as she decides whether to talk to him.

That’s when viewers see Ballerini on a sky-high roller coaster, free-falling from a diving board and more. She “flew through the air like Alice in Wonderland,” she said on her Instagram story shortly before the music video premiered. “It was so much stinkin’ fun to make.”

Ultimately, Ballerini closes the music video by opting to put her heart on the line, extending a handshake and a warm smile as she introduces herself to the man she bumped into on the street.

It’s all about just following your heart (and) trusting your gut,” Ballerini previously explained of her ‘90s country-inspired song. “I really believe that nothing great happens in life unless you take the risk and you take a leap of faith, and that’s what this whole song is about.

“(My) favorite lyric in ‘HEARTFIRST’ is probably, ‘only the moon knows what’s in the stars,’ because I feel like that kind of shrinks down the whole song to just that one little lyric of just, that’s the chance. You have to take it. You never know what’s gonna happen unless you try.”

Watch the music video here: