Chris Lane's Dogs Encountered A Skunk & Lauren Alaina Can Relate Too Well

Photo: Getty Images

Chris Lane’s home surveillance footage captured the frantic moment the country artists dashed out of the house in an effort to save his dogs from getting sprayed by a skunk. He shared the video on social media, saying “if your dogs are getting sprayed by a skunk, this is what you do.”

The video shows Lane as he runs outside after his dogs, yelling, “Cooper! Cooper! Cooper, no!” His wife, Lauren Bushnell Lane, remains inside, shouting, “no! No, Chloe! Chloe!” Lane deemed the video “Skunk VS Me Coop and Chloe,” he wrote in the caption on Instagram, adding a laughing emoji. He also called attention to his wife fixing her dress as he continued: “Needless to say I’ve lost my voice and [Lauren Lane] is Wedgie Free …How would yall have handled this situation different?” Lauren — who is pregnant with the couple’s second child — promised that she wouldn’t forget that her superstar hubby didn’t edit that out like she asked: “Marve from Home Alone voice crack is way worse than any wedge. But I also asked u to cut that part out and u didn’t and this will be remembered.”

Lane’s post garnered thousands of reactions from fans and followers getting a laugh, including fellow country artist Carly Pearce, who admitted that she’s “watched this so many times.”

Still, the struggle of evading a skunk is real... Lane’s duet partner and neighbor, Lauren Alaina, chimed in with her own story: “Y’all. Chris and I are neighbors. Live one mile apart. A skunk sprayed my dogs three weeks ago. My house just stopped smelling like it. Worst experience ever. I relate to the yelling. The wedgie picking. The hysteria is real.” Watch it unfold here: