Chris Lane & Wife Lauren Were 'Shocked' To Find Out About Second Pregnancy

Photo: Getty Images

Chris Lane and his wife, Lauren, are expecting Baby No. 2! The Lanes confirmed the news to PEOPLE on Monday (June 6). Their second child, due in late October.

Lauren admitted that she was “shocked” to learn that she was expecting another child, though it’s a very joyful surprise: She told PEOPLE: “When we found out, Dutton was almost 8 months old and I didn't feel anything. I truly had no symptoms. I was actually more so taking a pregnancy test just to reconfirm that was not what was going on! And to my surprise and to Chris' surprise, it was very much positive.”

Chris was trying to put the couple's son, nearly 1-year-old Dutton Walker, down for a nap when Lauren rushed into the room to show her husband the positive pregnancy test, and although they both acknowledged it was “shocking,” they also “had planned on having at least two kids so we’re very thankful that it was able to happen for us, even if it wasn’t necessarily on our exact timing,” Lauren said.

No word yet — though they’ve cast their predictions — as to whether Dutton will have a little brother or a little sister, or what their name might be. The proud parents explained that they make a “great team” together. Chris told PEOPLE:

“(Parenthood has) brought us even closer when I didn't think that was even possible. Having a kid is a lot of work and I feel like you have to have a great partner or it's easy to see how it would not work out — it becomes too stressful. I've just realized that Lauren and I are literally a perfect fit for each other. I thought that before we had a child, but having a little boy has made me think that even more so, because I just feel like we're a great combination.”

The Lanes tied the knot in October 2019. They announced in June 2021 that they’d welcomed their first child. Chris said at the time: “Words can’t describe the love i feel inside my heart for this little man! Thanks for all the prayers. I will never understand how @laurenlane birthed a 9 pound baby! DUTTON WALKER LANE welcome to the world.”