Tim McGraw Beams With Pride When Talking About His 3 Daughters

Photo: Getty Images

Tim McGraw and Faith HIll have one of the sweetest families in the country music industry. The two beloved artists tied the knot nearly 26 years ago, and have since welcomed three daughters together: Gracie (25), Maggie (nearly 24), and Audrey (20).

McGraw recently reflected on conversations with Hill about how each one sees qualities of the other in each of their daughters. The “Humble and Kind” singer has often beamed with pride when it comes to his kids, having explained that he and his wife have always agreed to put their family first. Their approach seems to have paid off… Now, Gracie is set on performing on Broadway, Maggie is working in Washington D.C. after receiving her master’s degree from Stanford University, and Audrey is a model and aspiring actress (having starred in her dad’s “7500 OBO” music video), McGraw’s record label noted. The label also shared a statement as McGraw spoke heartwarmingly about his family:

“It’s funny because Faith and I’ve talked about that a little bit [seeing McGraw’s qualities in his daughters], and I think we see each other in all three of ‘em. There’s little parts of us in all three of ‘em. They’re all completely different creatures, but they all have big hearts, and they all are very polite and they really respect people, and they all feel like they wanna make a difference in the world. Hopefully we’ve instilled that into them. And we’ve always also given them the opportunity to sort of explore themselves and find out who they are and try things.”