Dierks Bentley Shares How Fatherhood Has 'Totally' Changed Him

Photo: Getty Images

Dierks Bentley is a proud father of three, and the country hitmaker says that parenthood has totally changed his outlook on life. “There’s a whole kind of different universe that has opened up that I never knew existed, and I’m not the center of it, which is really cool,” he recently said in a statement shared by his record label. “It just makes you look at things totally different.”

Bentley has even shared some heartwarming moments with his family publicly, including times that he’s introduced his daughter Evie on stage to perform with him. The father-daughter duo have taken the stage to sing “Different For Girls,” the 2016 hit that Bentley recorded with Elle King (the pair recently teamed up again for a new collaboration, “Worth A Shot”).

The “I Hold On” singer credits his own father with inspiring him to become a country artist. Bentley lost his dad in 2012, and recently shared a reflective message on the anniversary of losing him, saying in part: “Dad past away ten years ago today. Think about him every day. Find myself wanting a little more advice now than I wanted back then!”

“My dad was my biggest influence in country music because my dad loved country radio,” Bentley added, per his record label. “So, we always drove around listening to country radio and George Strait, Hank Williams and Randy Travis and all these guys, so. Without him, I wouldn’t be doing this, that’s for sure.”