Brett Young Shares His Must-Have Menu Items For A Summer Barbecue

Photo: Getty Images

Summer is nearly here, and it marks a season of outdoor activities, time with loved ones and hosting cookouts. Brett Young recently listed his favorite go-to barbecue items for those long-awaited summer traditions. In a statement shared by his record label ahead of Memorial Day (an “unofficial start of summer” as people honor those who sacrificed for our country), Young explained his cookout must-haves:

“I’m pretty basic down the middle burgers and dogs, if it’s that kind of get together, where you’re having a bunch of friends over. It’s easy. You can’t really go wrong with burgers and dogs, but I love a good tri-tip. If I was doing burgers and dogs I’d also be slow cookin’ a tri-tip as well. I’m not a smoker. When I say slow cook, I actually just mean lower heat and up on the top rack, and leave it in for longer, so it’s nice and tender. I’ve got my own barbecue sauce recipe, so I do a really good job with barbecue chicken, but I think on a day like that, it’s gonna be burgers, dogs and a tri-tip.”

Young likely spends his barbecues with “a bunch of friends” and with his adorable, close-knit family. He and his wife, Taylor Mills Young, are parents to two young daughters, Presley Elizabeth and Rowan Marie. Fans might recognize Taylor from one of Young’s latest music videos, for the heartbreak song, “You Didn’t.” The country star said at the time that “it’s never a bad day when you get to work alongside your beautiful wife!”