Brett Young Features His Wife In New Music Video For Soulful Breakup Song

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Brett Young reflects on lost love in a soulful new music video to one of his latest songs, “You Didn’t.” The heartbreaking track recalls a past relationship, as Young acknowledges that he wasn’t the right person for the woman he loved, and wishes her well: “There's nothing I could say/ To make you wanna stay/ Your heart made up it's mind/ I don't want you to lie one more minute/ You ain't done nothing wrong/ I’m not where you belong/ Don't let one teardrop fall/ Girl, you think it's your fault/ But it isn’t/ I fell in love and you didn’t.”

Young’s latest music video premiered on Thursday afternoon (February 17). It sees the country artist going through the motions of his life, still picturing his ex by his side. But before fans feel bad for Young, it’s worth noting that he’s a happily married father of two. In fact, his wife, Taylor Mills Young, is the star of his latest music video! The husband and wife duo teamed up to film the music video of the heartbreak song, which ends with Young crawling into bed with a picture of the two of them by his side.

“The cool thing about this video is that it lets you in on how the narrator is actually feeling, as opposed to how he’s presented in the song,” Young said in a statement. “He is saying all the right things so his girl doesn’t feel guilty, but then the video sheds light on how much of that is a lie, and how deeply he’s actually struggling. As always, (Director Seth Kupersmith) delivered beyond my wildest expectations and it’s never a bad day when you get to work alongside your beautiful wife!”

Watch his latest video for “You Didn’t” here: