Keith Urban Had A Sweet Gift & Heartfelt Message On 'Ellen' Show Appearance

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Keith Urban appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show for his final appearance before iconic host Ellen DeGeneres wraps up her farewell season. When asked whether he would sing, Urban delivered a heartfelt rendition of his 2016 ballad, “Blue Ain’t Your Color.” Urban concluded his performance and gave DeGeneres a sweet parting gift to mark his final — and 20th — visit on her show: his guitar. Urban autographed the guitar, and his wife, award-winning actress Nicole Kidman, signed her name on the back of it. On the guitar, Urban wrote a message to DeGeneres:

“Dearest Darling Ellen, You’ve been a believer in me and my music since 2004 when I first came on your show… and today is the 20th time you’ve invited me to be here… I’m deeply grateful for all the years of laughs, conversations, weird a** cologne commercials — and your passionate support. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I wish you love and light on your journey ahead. Your Friend Always, Keith Urban.”

Urban also spoke with DeGeneres about her plans after she concludes the talk show (including a flashback to the “weird a** cologne” commercial in 2011), proving naysayers wrong, and, of course, country music legend Dolly Parton. Earlier this year, the “9 To 5” singer gushed that she would love to sing a duet with Urban, and he had a wholesome response. When DeGeneres asked him about it, Urban shared: “It was so sweet. …The first time I met (Parton), it was surreal, because I mean, I grew up singing her songs. (As a) matter of fact, I sang her songs because I was 9 years old and my voice hadn’t broken yet, and I sounded like her. I could sing in her key.”

Watch Urban’s appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show below… Watch him sing “Blue Ain’t Your Color” here:

Watch Urban talk about Dolly Parton here:

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