Dolly Parton Wants To Duet With Keith Urban & His Response Is So Wholesome

Photo: Getty Images

Dolly Parton gushed over Keith Urban in a recent interview, saying that she’s “be happy to bake a big ol’ cake for him” and sing a duet — and Urban had the best response.

Parton was asked on Good Morning America, if she could bake a cake and sing a duet with any artist — particularly, any artist she hasn’t collaborated with already — who would she choose and why? “Oh my goodness! That’s a really good question,” the legendary country singer exclaimed. As she briefly thought it over, Parton said she’d probably go with “any of the good-looking ones.” 

“I love Keith Urban. I’ve always thought that he was one of the most talented and cutest guys in the world,” Parton said, clarifying, “I’m not trying to hit on him. He’s got Nicole (Kidman), and who could beat that? She’s Jolene!

“But anyway, I love his writing and I just think he’s dear, and he reminds me so much of my brothers and my own family from back home... He’d fit right in,” Parton continued. “So, I’d be happy to bake a big ol’ cake for him and spend all afternoon singing songs.”

Parton added that, among the ways Urban would “fit right in,” he and a friend back home in Australia used to sing Parton’s duets with Porter Wagoner and Kenny Rogers, “so he knows all my music and we love the same stuff.”

Urban couldn’t stop smiling as he responded to Parton. In a new video he shared on Instagram on Friday (February 4), Urban started with a clip of Parton's interview and moved into a brief cover of her 1977 song “Applejack” and replied: “Ms. Dolly. I’m so honored of the things you said. Thank you. I definitely will have a cake with you.”

Kidman chimed in: “I’ll bake the cake with you! But don’t take my man!” Urban laughed, thanking the “Jolene” singer again and assuring her that he’d be on board for a duet, too: “Thank you so much. We love you, Dolly. We love you. I would love to have cake with you, and I would love to do a song with you sometime. Let’s do that. Love you.” Watch Urban’s message to Parton here: