Walker Hayes Shares Why The 'AA' Music Video Felt Different To Film

Photo: Getty Images

Walker Hayes admits that oftentimes, “I dread making these [music videos] and usually feel really awkward for the entire day…” But when he tried to stay out of AA, it was different.

Hayes debuted his new music video for his hit song “AA,” and credited Robert Chavers — the “master mind behind this bad boy” — with making it “so easy and fun to make. …this one was a blast to film!” The video sees Hayes in his AA meeting before dancing downtown. He expertly referenced another one of his songs from the album when he drove off in a “Delorean” at the end.

The “Fancy Like” singer debuted Country Stuff The Album, including 13 fan-favorite tracks. Hayes previously told iHeartRadio that he quickly became “obsessed” with “AA”:

“And I'm just tryna keep my daughters off the pole/ And my sons out of jail/ Tryna get to church so I don't go to hell/ I'm just tryna keep my wife from figuring out/ That I married up and she married way, way down/ In Alabama where they love Nick Saban/ Tryna write a song the local country station will play/ Hey, I’m just tryna stay out of AA”

Watch the music video here: