Jake Owen Serenades 'The Grace To My Grit' In New Song

Photo: Getty Images

Jake Owen’s latest single is “fresh from the kitchen,” the country giant tweeted as he debuted “Up There Down Here.” It’s a “banger” that’s “about an angel on earth,” Owen shared on his social media channels earlier this week: “It’s like G-O-D heard an S-O-S, I’m one lucky S-O-B.” Owen sings in the chorus of the new song:

“She's a little up there, down here/ Puts a little King James in my John Deere/ Thank the Lord the girl's got my back/ Hangs her halo by my Carhartt hat/ I’mma raise a little hell, she's Heaven on Earth/ The grace to my grit and the rain on my dirt/ I’m a little down-home, cold beer/ She's a little up there, down here/ Amen, amen”

Listen to the full song here:

“Up There Down Here” is Owen’s latest single to release since “Fishin’ On A River,” a breakup anthem that had Owen hooked ever since he heard it. He said in a statement at the time: “When you first hear the title, you’d think it’s a good ole Country anthem about fishin’ with the boys. Instead, it’s a love done gone, sway along track that most everyone can relate. Here’s to the brokenhearted chasing their blues away with Jack and Rye instead of bass and fishing line.”