'I’m One Lucky S-O-B': Jake Owen Announces New Song That'll Be A 'Banger'

Photo: Getty Images

Rather than starting a dramatic countdown, Jake Owen opted to announce the release of his next song by recording a video from a Nashville fishing spot. Owen noted the sounds of a goose squawking and the “glorious day” in Tennessee as he told fans about “Up There Down Here,” which is set to debut on Friday (March 25).

The country hitmaker also sang a brief snippet of the upcoming song, which he described as one that’s “about an angel on earth.” In his caption, Owen includes “It’s like G-O-D heard an S-O-S, I’m one lucky S-O-B.” He added a shoutout to songwriters Zack Dyer, Summer Overstreet and Travis Wood for the “banger.” Watch Owen talk about his soon-to-release song here:

“Up There Down Here” is Owen’s latest single to release since “Fishin’ On A River,” a breakup anthem that had Owen hooked ever since he heard it. He said in a statement at the time: “When you first hear the title, you’d think it’s a good ole Country anthem about fishin’ with the boys. Instead, it’s a love done gone, sway along track that most everyone can relate. Here’s to the brokenhearted chasing their blues away with Jack and Rye instead of bass and fishing line.”