'Ghost Story': Listen To The First Snippet Of Carrie Underwood's New Single

Photo: Getty Images

One day away from releasing her next single, Carrie Underwood shared a new snippet of the long-awaited new song. The award-winning country giant posted a 15-second lyric video on her social media channels on Thursday morning (March 17), along with a countdown on her Instagram story to the “Ghost Story” release: “You’ll hear a noise, swear you know the voice, and you’ll chase it down the street/ You’ll look around, not a single sound, ‘cause there’s no one even there/ I’m gonna be your Ghost Story.”

Underwood captioned her post with “Soon…,” which she teased at the 57th Academy of Country Music Awards earlier this month. Speaking with media outlets at the show in Las Vegas, Underwood seemed to hint that she had something in the works when she was asked whether she would release a new album this year: “I mean, I’m always working on something. Obviously we can’t spill too many beans right now, but my fans know what I mean when I say ‘soon.’ Soon. They actually hate it when I use that word because they’re like, ‘what does that mean?!’ But (I’ve) been busy, for sure.”

Days later, Underwood shared a photo from the studio, hinting in the caption that she “did a thing…” it wasn’t long before she revealed the new release date and confirmed the title of the new song with a short sound bite. “Ghost Story” is set to release Friday (March 18). Listen to the new snippet of the song here: