Dolly Parton Tells A 'Tale About Star-Crossed Lovers' With Her New Song

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The delicate sound of distant wind chimes starts Dolly Parton’s latest song as the country legend shares the “tale about star-crossed lovers.” Parton surprised fans when she announced earlier this week she would debut “Blue Bonnet Breeze,” marking the second release from her highly-anticipated upcoming project, Run, Rose, Run. In her latest track, Parton tells the story of young lovers caught in a Romeo and Juliet scenario, pursuing their relationship despite disapproval from their families:

“Blue bonnet breezes bring precious moments to mind./ Blue bonnet breezes,/ Stirring up memories / Of romance and passion, making a sweet place in time./ A girl and a boy / With high hopes enjoyed/ Doing whatever they please./ With love in their eyes/ ‘Neath the wide open sky/ Making love in the blue bonnet breeze.”

“I came up with the idea for ‘Blue Bonnet Breeze’ because two of the characters decide to begin working together on a song,” Parton said in a statement. “I thought, what song would that be? What song would they write? So, I just chose a Romeo and Juliet kind of story and made the music very slow, very emotional, and it's actually one of my very favorites from this album. It could be a movie of its own!”

Parton released “Blue Bonnet Breeze” on Friday (February 11), after she debuted “Big Dreams and Faded Jeans” last month. Parton’s upcoming album goes hand-in-hand with her book of the same title, which she co-authored with James Patterson. She and the bestselling author are gearing up for a virtual book tour: “It has been such a pleasure writing [‘Run, Rose, Run’] together and we can’t wait to share the characters’ stories with all of you.” Parton’s Run, Rose, Run album is due out March 4. The novel will follow on March 7. Listen to “Blue Bonnet Breeze” here: