Cole Swindell, Lainey Wilson Felt 'Eerie' Filming New Music Video In Prison

Photo: Getty Images

Cole Swindell and Lainey Wilson went live on social media to delve into what it was like to film a music video on prison grounds. The music video to “Never Say Never,” a song that rehashes old habits as Swindell and Wilson trade off lines of the verses, premiered Wednesday morning (January 12).

“Y’all, when I tell you the penitentiary was scary, I’m like...” Wilson dished as she made a sign of the cross. Swindell noted that if it wasn’t eerie enough, the heat wasn’t on while they filmed in the chilling location. Wilson said one of the hallways “…seemed like a dungeon, I swear,” as she insisted someone accompany her.

“Obviously nobody’s there, it’s run-down, it’s freezing cold,” Swindell recalled, describing filming by a jail cell with tally marks etched into the wall to represent the number of days a person stayed there. It’s a “weird feeling,” he said.

Swindell and Wilson teamed up on the song over the summer, when the “Some Habits” singer sent his now-duet partner the song. Wilson was traveling at the time, and assured Swindell, “it was not because I had a few piña coladas… I could not say yes quick enough.” Now, the duo said they aim to rehearse for live performances. Watch their behind-the-scenes conversation here:

Watch the new music video here: