Cole Swindell & Lainey Wilson Deliver Smoldering Video On Prison Grounds

Photo: Getty Images

Cole Swindell and Lainey Wilson take to prison grounds, reflecting on the old habit of an on-again-off-again relationship as an unlikely jailbreak unfolds.

Swindell and Wilson premiered the new music video to the duet on Wednesday morning (January 12), trading off lines of the verses as viewers see the spark between a jail officer and a prison inmate ignite an attempt to escape. The “Some Habits” and “Things A Man Oughta Know” artists sing: “I never say never with you/ I end up together with you/ It's hell and it's heaven with you, baby/ Anything's possible/ The highs are unstoppable/ It's so uncontrollable, it's crazy/ We say we won't and then we do/ You're all I want/ I never say never with you”

“Never Say Never” released in November, shortly after Swindell and Wilson posted cryptic tweets that seemingly hinted at a collaboration. It turns out, they were tweeting the lines they sing to one another in the song. Similarly, Swindell and Wilson have been posting on their social media channels to drum up anticipation for the new music video. “This one still gives me goosebumps,” Wilson shared. “it's too good y'all.” Watch the latest music video from Swindell and Wilson here: