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Abby Anderson Shares How Her Engagement Day Really Went Down

Country Artist Abby Anderson recently got engaged to her boyfriend while they were quarantined together and she's been busy sharing a new version of her song "I'll Still Love You." Anderson talked with Morgan from The Bobby Bones Show on Women Of iHeartCountry's Instagram for a Live Girl Chat. The two talked about Anderson's upcoming wedding and if she's planned anything yet, plus how she really felt when the engagement happened.

Anderson told the story of how she and her fiancé first met. They were introduced by one of Anderson's sisters and his friends. Anderson's sister said that she "found her new husband" for her and Anderson definitely agreed by just some social media stalking. So when Anderson went to for a radio tour stop in Atlanta, Georgia, he picked her up for lunch and the rest is history. Anderson shared how on the day of the engagement, her friends got her out of her quarantine sweats by convincing her to take a cute quarantine picture. She had no idea why they were doing it and she really didn't want to, but her boyfriend convinced her they should do it for their friends. After getting all around, Anderson's boyfriend and her went for a walk in the park in their usual spot and that's when Anderson spotted a boat with what she thought was toilet paper and hand sanitizer items left out for those in need. As she got closer, she realized that it was actually a canoe full of beautiful flowers and she knew something was about to happen. From there, the two of them got into the boat and got out into the middle of the lake where he got down on one knee and proposed to Anderson with a braided makeshift flower ring. Obviously, Anderson said yes.

When asked about an official engagement ring, Anderson said she has a Pinterest board full of rings so he will have no problem finding the perfect one for her once the jewelry stores re-open, but she still plans to keep her make makeshift flower ring as a memento. So far there are no official wedding plans set in stone, but Anderson says they want to enjoy the engagement phase. She also noted from a fan question that she doesn't plan to sing at her own wedding, but it is possible her band will play together for fun at the end of the evening.

During the chat, we also learned that Anderson loves to dance and her favorite song to hear at the club is T-Pain's "Apple Bottom Jeans." She also noted that once quarantine is over she plans to follow through with any engagements she sets up. She confessed that before quarantine she was guilty of making plans and always cancelling, but not once quarantine has ended. She also plans to enroll in some first time classes to learn salsa dancing and boxing.

As far as when to expect new music, Anderson said it's definitely coming soon and she's been writing a lot of new, meaningful songs she can't wait to share once quarantine is over.