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Fish That Plays Video Games, Charges Owners Credit Card Online


Photo: Getty Images

A Japanese man trained his Beta fish to play games on a Nintendo Switch, but it backfired when the fish started charging things on his credit card.

A YouTuber named Mutekimaru, aka Maurice, livestreams a fish in a bowl that he has outfitted with sensors allowing him to interact and play the game Pokemon on a Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, Maurice isn't always monitoring the fish so it went rouge and somehow clicked back to the home screen. The fish's motions is was clicks the buttons on the game, so when it clicked back, the motions started opening the 3 eShop and other apps to download games, and charge the credit card on file for games tokens.

Worst yet, the fish also somehow shared Maurices credit card info for the entire internet to see, so things could get worse.

Fortunately, after calling the Nintendo support, they were kind enough to refund his money but who knows what charges he'll see from the rest of the world who now has his info.

Maruice didn't actually figure out what was happening until he started getting notifications of from PayPal and the fish had even changed his account name from "Mutekimaru" to "ROWAWAWAWA."

I wonder if that fish met the toilet that day?