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Georgia Murder Suspect Calls 911 About Cold Fries From McDonald's

Now he picked up an assault, and resisting arrest charge. The prison slop is probably gonna be cold to bro!

24-year-old Antoine Sims was out on bond for murder charges and thought calling 911 to a Kennesaw, Georgia McDonald's was a genius idea. Sims can be seen on body cam telling officers that he was pissed that his fries were, "luke warm, but their not hot". A true emergency obviously.

The problem was... (well several of them), he had assaulted the manager with a iced soda and scream profanities at him. Police gave Sims a no trespass warning, but then when they ran his name found out he was a wanted man. The police laptop loudly proclaiming "WARNING: ARMED AND DANGEROUS". That's when police tried to place him in handcuffs for a warrant. He had a failure to appear on the said murder charges. Sims took off running, resisted arrest and was eventually tased and taken into custody.

No word on if he got any warm fries, but I'd assume the fries in prison aren't as stellar.... Maybe the lukewarm fries should've been fine.

"It's very unusual that someone, knowing he is wanted by police, would call the police, but Mr. Sims did that," said Officer Buchanan told Fox 5.

Sims bond is now revoked, and he's still facing charges for a 2018 murder of a woman in Johns Creek who was found in a burning car, among several more charges now. This man shouldn't have been out on bond to start with!

What a moron!