HARDY's Wife Reveals The Hilarious, Unexpected Compliments He's Given Her

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Caleigh Hardy laughed as she reminisced on some of the most memorable compliments she’s received from her husband.

Award-winning singer-songwriter HARDY, 33, tied the knot with Caleigh, 27, in 2022. He popped the question in 2021 when he faked having a private gig at The Lyric, a historic venue in Oxford, Mississippi, where he and Caleigh met years earlier. The “PSYCHO” star said ahead of the 14th ACM Honors that year that “as far as I know, she was pretty fooled,” and quickly announced that he's not her boyfriend anymore. The couple got married at Diamond Creek Farms in Nashville, Tennessee.

Caleigh appeared on an episode of Get Real with Caroline Hobby earlier this week. She spoke with podcast host Caroline Hobby about meeting HARDY, whose first name is Michael, for the first time. Caleigh shared her now-husband’s reaction when he saw her in person and laughed as she revealed some of the unexpected compliments he’s given her since then. The night they met, Caleigh said “hello” and hugged HARDY. He quickly noticed her height — 5’10’’, Caleigh told Hobby — and noticed her “voice was deeper than he thought it would be.”

“I was like, ‘great, off to a good start. I’m Shrek.’ Fabulous,” Caleigh said with a laugh during the podcast interview. “That is so him, too. If you know him, he will be trying to give a compliment, and then it’s like — it just doesn’t… When he tries to compliment my award show dresses, he just says the most weird sh*t. Like I wore this one dress with this big, structured, silver ruffle on it, and he was like, ‘you look like silver bacon.’ …So that just sums it all up perfectly.”

Throughout the conversation, Caleigh also shared more to the story of how HARDY “slid into her DMs years ago and stole her heart,” Hobby shared of the newest Get Real episode. “She walks us through their first date, his first impression of her, and his personal style of romance! We also learn about what is was like growing up with a Navy Seal father, plus how she online dated for her 90 year old grandma aka 'Nunnie' and the drama that went down on their first date!”

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