Zac Brown Seeks Temporary Restraining Order Against Estranged Wife

Photo: Getty Images

Zac Brown filed for a temporary restraining order against his estranged wife because of one of her recent Instagram posts, which would have to be removed if Brown's order is granted.

The Zac Brown Band frontman filed the order on Friday (May 17) in Fulton County, Georgia, alleging that his ex-wife and former Zac Brown Band employee, Kelly Yazdi, is violating a confidentiality agreement. He said in a statement to PEOPLE and other news outlets over the weekend: “After much deliberation, I took the steps necessary to enforce an agreement between us to maintain personal and business affairs in confidence and to protect my family from online harassment and speculation. My only hope is for us to keep private matters private and to move forward with the mutual respect we had agreed to show one another when we parted ways.”

Yazdi has since posted a video on Instagram with her response to Brown's court filing. She said in that statement, in part: “No one — not even Zac Brown with all of his money, power, celebrity, and lawyers – may silence my right to freely express myself through art or, although I have to date declined to do so publicly, to speak about the circumstances of our pending divorce. …Like Zac, I have lawyers too, and I will tell my truth in court — where he has unnecessarily dragged me.”

If Brown’s filing is granted, Yazdi would have to take down an Instagram post she shared on May 4 that seemingly refers to her relationship with the Zac Brown Band star throughout the lengthy caption. In that post, Yazdi seemed to allege of another person, who was never referred to by name: “Projections. Gaslighting. Threatening. Stonewalling. Those are the ingredients of narcissistic abuse.” PEOPLE notes that court documents filed on Friday state that Yazdi allegedly took “it upon herself to exact revenge upon Mr. Brown,” and documents ask her to refrain from making “any defamatory, false, untrue, of otherwise damaging statements” about Brown and his family, or any member of Zac Brown Band and their family.

Brown and Yazdi separated only four months after getting married. They confirmed in a statement in December 2023 that “we are in the process of divorce. Our mutual respect for one another remains. We wish each other the best and will always appreciate our time together. As we navigate this personal matter, we simply request privacy during this time."