Jimmie Allen Reveals He Had Kids With Another Woman Amid Split From Wife

Photo: Getty Images

Jimmie Allen revealed on his Instagram story on Tuesday (March 19) that he has six children, including two whom he apparently welcomed with another woman amid his split from wife Alexis Gale.

The Delaware-born artist, 38, shared photos of his kids on each slide of his Instagram story, beginning with his eldest son from a previous relationship, Aadyn, who turns 10 this year. Next, he shared a selfie with Naomi Bettie, born in March 2020, and Zara James, born in October 2021, both of whom he shares with Gale. On the next slides, Allen shared selfies with Amari and Aria, apparently welcomed with another woman. Finally, Allen shared a snapshot with Cohen Ace James, Baby No. 3 with Gale, who arrived in September 2023

“I have 6 kids,” Allen wrote on the final slide of his Instagram story. “I love each one of them. I refuse to let anyone make me feel ashamed of any of my children. The only opinion I care about is theirs 💛”

Allen and Gale tied the knot in May of 2021. Allen announced in a statement in April 2023 that he and Gale “made the decision to separate.” He also revealed in that statement that Gale was pregnant with their third child together, Cohen. “Our number one priority is and always will be ensuring that our children are healthy, happy and loved, and we remain committed to co-parenting with love and respect for one another.”

Months after making that statement, the estranged couple pledged to “resolve things together as a family,” amid the divorce case. Allen also publicly apologized to his wife and kids amid accusations of abuse. He said in May 2023, in part, that he was sorry “for humiliating (Gale) with my affair. I’m embarrassed that my choices have brought shame on her. That’s something that she did not deserve at all. I also want to apologize to my children for being a poor example of a man and a father. I’m working on becoming a better person that my kids can be proud of. My goal is to be better than the generation before me.”

In October 2023, a representative for Allen told PEOPLE that “Jimmie and Lexi are focused on their new bundle of joy.” A rep also said in a statement at that time that Allen and Gale opted “to work on things together and are still together.”