Carly Pearce's Cryptic Post Stirs Speculation From Instagram Commenters

Photo: Getty Images

Carly Pearce posted a cryptic teaser on her social media pages that stirred speculation about her long-awaited forthcoming album.

Pearce shared a quote, omitting a caption, on Wednesday morning (February 28), reading: “I’ve heard it said that when one sees a hummingbird, challenging times are over and healing can begin… to others, it is an inspiring sign of hope and good luck…” The quote comes shortly after Pearce shared a photo that shows a hummingbird tattooed on her arm, which also prompted comments from Instagram users searching for clues. Simultaneously, the Kentucky-born singer-songwriter swapped out her profile picture for an all-black image. It was not immediately clear as of publication time, however, what exactly Pearce’s latest post could mean.

Most recently, Pearce has hinted at what to expect in her forthcoming era of music with the release of a few songs. She teamed up with fellow Kentucky hitmaker Chris Stapleton on a powerful duet, “We Don’t Fight Anymore,” in addition to “Heels Over Head” and “Country Music Made Me Do it,” an autobiographical anthem that inspired the title of Pearce’s fall headlining tour. She’s also posted a snippet of a stunning heartache ballad about a “devastating break up,” titled “My Place,” and posted other hints as she prepares to release her fourth full-length studio album.

Pearce’s forthcoming chapter will follow her widely successful 2021 album, 29: Written In Stone, featuring “Diamondback,” “Next Girl,” “Never Wanted To Be That Girl” with Ashley McBryde (earning Pearce her first Grammy Award), “What He Didn’t Do” and other highlights. She previously said, as she's worked on music after 29: “Obviously, I learned a lot sonically about where I want to continue to push myself into the rootsier side of my music. But I think more importantly, I just learned that fans, they just wanna hear what I’m going through and what my perspective is and how I see the world in that period of time in my life. And so, I’m thankful that I don’t have to write about a divorce anymore. But this phase of my life, while it is very exciting and fulfilling and fun and upbeat, there are still struggles that come with that, and I think I’m just really excited. I feel like in a lot of ways I’ve become a little bit more private with my personal life, to the point that maybe people don’t even know what this music is gonna be like, and that’s kind of fun for me. I like the mysterious side of that.”