Sam Hunt Feels A Renewed 'Sense Of Purpose' Now That He's A Father Of Two

Photo: Getty Images

Sam Hunt shared how he’s finding a new “sense of purpose” in life after becoming a father of two.

Hunt and his wife, Hannah Lee Fowler, welcomed Baby No. 2 in late October 2023. Son Lowry Lee combines both of his parents’ middle names (Hunt’s middle name is Lowry and Fowler’s middle name is Lee). Hunt announced Lowry Lee’s arrival when he posted a family photo with Fowler and their two children in late November. Baby No. 2 joins big sister Lucy Louise, who was born in May 2022. The country star announced his daughter’s birth during a performance on June 7, 2022 at the historic Ryman Auditorium in Downtown Nashville, Tennessee.

“I think what I have enjoyed most about fatherhood is the sense of purpose,” Hunt said in a statement shared by his record label. “It’s deep, and it’s something I couldn’t have imagined until I experienced it. It gives such meaning to all, all that I’m doing in life, all the little mundane things that I might have done by myself before having kids, now have all this weight and meaning when I do them with my children. I’ve got my little girl who’s coming up on two years old who is growing and changing every day, and I’m having a lot of fun with her. I have my first son, just a few months ago, who is growing fast and a lot of fun.

“Lucy, Lucy the Ouise (Wheeze) — we call her Ouisy (Wheezy) — Ouisy’s having a big time with her little brother, and one kid feels like a family, but two kids now feels like a big family,” he continued. “And it’s a lot of responsibility, but I feel like I’m walking in God’s will now more so than I ever have at any point in my life. So, I’m just eternally grateful for these little miracles and smelling the roses and soaking it in every day.”

Hunt is gearing up for his headlining “Outskirts Tour” with Brett Young and Lily Rose. The tour kicks off on Thursday (February 22) in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with stops in Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, North Dakota, Georgia and other destinations before wrapping up in Charlottesville, Virginia. See the dates here: