Lauren Alaina Shares How Her Husband Calmed Her Nerves On Their Wedding Day

Photo: Getty Images

Lauren Alaina shared the heartwarming moment her now-husband calmed her pre-wedding nerves before she walked down the aisle earlier this month. The country star posted a video on Instagram on Tuesday afternoon (February 13) that captured the moment she and Cam Arnold held hands and spoke to one another through a partially-opened door before the ceremony.

Alaina said this was “the moment that I ended to hold his hand through the door and hear his voice to calm my nerves.” The “Just Wanna Know That You Love Me” singer said she was excited to marry her then-fiancé, though she admitted she was nervous.

“Guess what? We’ve only got a couple more hours. We can do this,” Arnold comforted Alaina, who joked, “I’ll be the girl in the white dress, if you’re looking for me.” They both laughed nervously as she said, “I’m really nervous, Cameron.” He admitted that he was a bit nervous, too, and “as long as you show up, I’ll show up.”

They said they loved one another as they parted ways before getting married, and Alaina whispered, “he’s so great.” She added in her caption when she shared the video on Instagram: “This is how you know you’re marrying your bestfriend… We didn’t do a first look and I got so nervous so I had them go get him and turn his back to me just so I could talk to him 🥹”

Alaina publicly announced her engagement in late 2022 on the historic Grand Ole Opry stage. The couple tied the knot earlier this month in a gorgeous ceremony with hundreds of guests at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Downtown Nashville, Tennessee. Watch the sweet moment they shared before the wedding here: