Maren Morris, Ryan Hurd Divorce Is Officially Finalized

Photo: Getty Images

Maren Morris’ divorce from Ryan Hurd has reportedly been finalized.

The “Circles Around This Town” artist filed for divorce from fellow singer-songwriter Hurd on October 2, citing “irreconcilable differences” for the split. Morris, 33, and Hurd, 37, recently reached an agreement in the divorce settlement, which included dividing their belongings, spending equal time with son Hayes Andrew Hurd, who turns 4 in March, and $2,100 to Hurd each month in child support. The couple reunited weeks after filing for divorce to take their son trick-or-treating together. Morris and Hurd reportedly had a prenup in place since 2018, which was amended about a year before Morris filed for divorce.

Documents show that a judge finalized the divorce earlier this week in Nashville, Tennessee, PEOPLE reported first on Wednesday evening (January 31).

Morris and Hurd were married more than five years. They married in March 2018 at a venue in Nashville, Tennessee, and met years earlier while writing music for Tim McGraw together. Since separating, Morris and Hurd haven’t often spoken publicly; however, Morris shared in a radio interview that she was writing music to get through it, and wasn’t in the “headspace” to date again. Morris also posted a video on TikTok covering Tammy Wyenette’s “D-I-V-O-R-C-E.” Hurd, who teased new music on the way in 2024, has recently shared covers of his own, including his spin on “Now That We Don’t Talk” by Taylor Swift, a From The Vault track on 1989 (Taylor’s Version).