Adam Doleac Posts Sweet Gender Reveal With A Whirlwind Year Ahead Of Him

Photo: Getty Images

Adam Doleac posted sweet gender reveal photos on Instagram on Friday morning (January 26), as he and his wife, MacKinnon Doleac, get ready to welcome Baby No. 1 this year.

“Is it gonna be ‘Ain’t SHE’ or ‘Ain’t HE’?!?!” Doleac captioned his post on Instagram. The first slide is a black-and-white image, and the second, brightly-colored photo shows the parents-to-be surrounded by a burst of blue confetti. Doleac added in the comments, “Im so excited to take this child vintage shopping I can barely stand it!”

Doleac followed up with a video from the gender reveal party. He and MacKinnon, along with their guests, cast their votes whether Baby No. 1 would be a boy or a girl. The parents-to-be both guessed they were expecting a baby girl, though many of the guesses are mixed. The group cheered as Doleac and MacKinnon revealed the blue confetti. The end of the video included a snippet of “Biggest Fan,” the song Doleac wrote as a love letter to his wife.

The Mississippi-born singer-songwriter posted the gender reveal photos, however, with a reference to his latest single, “Ain’t She.” Doleac, 35, marked one of his most powerful releases yet to kick off the year, watching streaming numbers skyrocket in the days after the song’s highly-anticipated debut. Doleac recently spoke with iHeartCountry about his latest single, his forthcoming chapter of music, launching his headlining tour next month and starting his family.

Doleac wrote “Ain’t She” with John Pierce and Paul DiGiovanni, marking the beginning of 2024 with a song that captures, “not your average love story.” When asked about the inspiration behind the song, Doleac immediately spotlighted, “my beautiful wife.” He reflected on the day he met MacKinnon. They were hanging out with their respective friends, and Doleac noticed her from across the room. He said to his friends, “she’s beautiful, ain’t she?”

“My favorite kind of love story is a guy kind of can’t save himself from his own self, and he needs the girl to kind of come in and rescue him. I think as guys, we kind of all feel like, when we’re looking at our wife, we want to look over and say, ‘she’s way too good for me, ain’t she?’ That’s a very lucky thing to get to feel, and that’s how I feel with my wife,” Doleac said. “Ain’t She” made its debut earlier this month, following months of teasers on Doleac’s social media channels. It’s one that the Barstool Whiskey Wonderland star is eager to perform live.

Doleac is kicking off his “Wrong Side of a Sunrise Tour” on February 21 in Nashville, Tennessee. The headlining trek comes after Doleac joined star-studded lineups on other recent tours, including playing massive arenas with Old Dominion and intimate venues with Carly Pearce (in addition to previous shows with Zac Brown Band, Kane Brown and other artists). Doleac said his first headlining tour last year, the “Barstool Whiskey Wonderland Tour,” was when he “really fell in love” with performing for crowds of about 1000 to 1,500 fans singing back every word to every song, whether it’s a long-awaited single or a deep cut (though he’s also made an impression with some stunning covers, including his version of Switchfoot’s “Dare You to Move,” which released last month and garnered a response from the band).

The “Wrong Side of a Sunrise Tour” — with special guests Greylan James, Troy Cartwright and Graham Barham — includes stops in Ohio, Georgia, Florida, Virginia and other destinations. It comes to an end on May 18 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The tour includes a carefully-planned gap around the time Doleac and MacKinnon are expected to welcome their first child.

“I’ve kind of had my ‘selfish years,’ I like to call them. Life has been about me for long enough, is what I always tell my wife,” Doleac told iHeartCountry. “You know, with this artist career, everything kind of revolves around you, and I’m excited to have a new center to that with our baby on the way. I’ve never had a child, but I imagine it’s probably the apex of love you can feel in life. So, I’m really excited to feel that and all the things that come with it. Even if the next time we talk I may be a little sleep deprived,” he noted with a laugh, “we’ll see, but I’m really excited. One of my favorite qualities about MacKinnon is how good of a mom she’s gonna be, too. So, I’m excited to see her turn into that. I’ve been telling dad jokes for years, so I’ve been preparing myself. I’ve always wanted to be a dad, so I’m really excited.”

Doleac is sure fatherhood will inspire new song inspiration, and until then, he’s looking ahead to a year of starting his family, touring and beginning the next chapter in his career. He teased “at least one more song out before the tour starts,” and “we’re gonna keep the new music coming with the new tour.”

Listen to “Ain’t She” again here: