Megan Moroney Rejects Her Ex's Call In Post-Breakup Story: 'No Caller ID'

Photo: Getty Images

Megan Moroney debuted her post-breakup ballad on Friday (January 19), sharing her journey of moving on after a split only for her ex to call again at 3 a.m. with “No Called ID.”

Moroney teamed up with songwriters Jessi Alexander, Jessie Joe Dillon and Connie Harrington to write “No Caller ID,” which ultimately sees the singer letting the phone ring rather than answering the call and risking getting hurt again. Moroney said the group wrote the song in July, in the midst of a tour. With a free day to write music, Moroney and the other songwriters quickly breezed through the first song that will appear on her next album, and moved on to “No Caller ID.”

"I played this song on THE LUCKY TOUR last fall, and I could tell my fans wanted me to release it,” Moroney said in a statement on Friday. “It feels like this song has helped my fans as much as it has helped me. By the end, there is a lot of strength and growth that I’m proud of. I am really excited for this one!"

“Here you come again, and there you go/ No coincidence, you always know/ When I'm moving on, you move back in/ With a half-a**, ‘Sorry, how you been?’/ Why do you do it? Do you just hate losing?/ Here you come again, who could it be/ It's 3 a.m., no caller ID”

“So, ‘No Caller ID’ was written with Jessi Alexander, Jessie Joe Dillon and Connie Harrington,” Moroney said, per her record label. “And I was in the middle of tour, it was in July. And it was like the first free day I had to write. So, we wrote the first song, which is going to be on my next album, and then we had some time after because we wrote that one so quickly. And I was like, kind of just explaining what was going on in my life. And ‘No Caller ID’ is about if you’ve had an ex that is blocked and still finds ways to contact you. I think you’ll just kind of understand the song, but I like the growth that the song shows and represents and it’s one of my favorites.”

Moroney already kicked off 2024 with her spin on “What Are You Listening To?,” an early Chris Stapleton single released more than 10 years ago. The “I’m Not Pretty” star rang in the New Year at the annual New Year’s Eve bash in Nashville, Tennessee. Before that, she caught up with iHeartCountry about her “insane” year in 2023, and what’s coming up next, including joining Kenny Chesney on tour and gearing up for new music.

“I've been taking every ounce of free time that I have to write and be in the studio, so I'm just keeping the ball rolling,” Moroney said in her interview with iHeartCountry, hinting at follow-ups to her debut album, Lucky, on the way soon. “I know that my fans are excited for new music, so try to keep them happy.”

Listen to “No Caller ID” here: