Dolly Parton Fulfills Cancer Patient's 'Impossible' Bucket List Item

Photo: Getty Images

Dolly Parton fulfilled a cancer patient’s wish when the country music legend helped him complete a bucket list item earlier this month.

Parton called longtime fan LeGrand Gold, of Utah, to serenade him during his years-long cancer battle. Gold recently told KSL-TV, Salt Lake City, Utah-based NBC affiliate, that his cancer is spreading. A recent doctor’s visit showed, “the chemo is not working anymore, the radiation is not working anymore. They just sent me home and said ‘be with your family.’”

Gold explained to KSL-TV that he’d previously included “meet Dolly Parton” on an 11-item bucket list of things he wanted to accomplish in his lifetime. Other items, written on a napkin, include an Alaskan cruise, an RV Grand Canyon trip with his kids, and more.

Though Gold admitted he thought it would be impossible to meet the “9 to 5” icon, he received the call of a lifetime on Friday, December 22. Parton told Gold she was “happy to know I have a fan that devoted,” and thanked him for his support over the years. Before signing off, Parton said “I will always love you,” and serenaded Gold with her 1970s classic with a lyric swap to include his name. Gold told KSL-TV he feels, “like I’m immortal now,” after that experience.

Gold’s wife, Alice, added to PEOPLE that “we’ve been flying above the silver lining for days,” after the call from Parton. “Out of the 11 items [on the list], we thought Dolly would be the impossible, but true to Dolly form, she once again reminds the world that dreams really do come true.”

Gold shared a video of that moment to YouTube, titling it, “Christmas Wishes Always Come True.” Watch it here: