Reba McEntire Shares Sweetest Christmas Memory From Her Son's Childhood

Photo: Getty Images

Reba McEntire is known by many as a country music icon, an actress, an author, coach on The Voice, and of course, a mom. The Not That Fancy star is a mother to race care driver Shelby Blackstock, now 33. 

Though Blackstock is an adult now, McEntire will always cherish memories of her only child growing up. One of them is a sweet Christmas memory, when an eager young Blackstock woke up his superstar mom to share what Santa Claus brought for him that morning.

“I’ll never forget one (Christmas) morning I woke up and I was laying on my left side and I felt something, and I opened up my eyes, and Shelby was three inches away from my face,” McEntire said, per her record label. “He said, ‘Mom, you’re not gonna beweive what Santy Claus weft for me.’ And so, he said you’ve got to come here. I got up out of bed and went in there and there was this little tractor trailer set that he had just fallen in love with at the store. He’s seen it, and he said, ‘I can’t beweive he bought this for me.’ He was so cute.”

McEntire said she gets into the Christmas spirit with festive holiday decor, beloved movies and, of course, music. McEntire has recorded some of her own holiday music, and said her favorite Christmas song she’s ever sang was “Silent Night,” having performed the classic with “my two buddies,” Kelly Clarkson and Trisha Yearwood.