Jordan Davis Is Getting Ready For First Christmas With Baby No. 3

Photo: Getty Images

For Jordan Davis, the holiday season is a little extra special this year.

The “Next Thing You Know” hitmaker and his wife, Kristen, welcomed Baby No. 3 earlier this year. Davis was one of many country stars to welcome a baby in 2023. His youngest son, Elijah Patrick, joins big sister Eloise and big brother Locklan. Davis shared in his announcement at the time: “God is good! My son Elijah Patrick is in the world…His momma did incredible in getting him here and we hope to get him home to his brother and sister soon.”

With Christmas around the corner, Davis said he’s looking forward to carrying on traditions he had growing up with his brother, who also has a family now. The brothers plan to come together in the afternoon, after opening presents in their respective houses on Christmas morning, so the kids can play together.

“Some of my favorite things at the holiday—every night me, Kristen, the kiddos, we pick a Christmas movie, watch it, or try to watch it, from start to finish,” Davis shared, per his record label. “We usually start that right at the beginning of December. I know it’s something really small, but when you spend 120 to 150 a year gone on the road, I truly cherish those times where all five of us are on the couch, hanging out, watching a movie. As small as that is, that is truly my favorite thing about the holidays.

“What I love most about having kids at Christmas is being able to start the new traditions,” he continud. “For me, being in Nashville, Nashville does a great job of really getting into the holiday spirit, so taking ‘em out to Opryland Hotel and letting them see the lights, letting ‘em see the trees. My son, Lochlan, he’s obsessed with trains and trucks, so there’s a spot just south of Nashville that we go to, they do Christmas lights and have a train running throughout this big garden thing. It’s really cool. So, being able to do that stuff with them and just really kind of start our own Christmas traditions. We still kind of keep some of those that I’ve had growing up that my Mom and Dad did for me and my brother and my sister, but what’s really cool is me and Kristen get to create our own kind of thing with the kiddos.”