Adam Doleac Debuts Nostalgic Cover, Draws Response From Original Artist

Photo: Getty Images

Adam Doleac debuted his long-awaited cover of a smash-hit ballad on Friday (December 8). Doleac’s spin comes more than two decades after the song’s original release, and drew praise from the original artist.

Doleac revealed in an Instagram post on November 20 that he would release his cover of “Dare You To Move,” originally released by Switchfoot in 2000. The San Diego, California-originated group included the track on Learning to Breathe. Doleac shared a clip of his stunning rendition of the song last month, thanking his fans “for fighting for it.” Switchfoot commented: “Let’s gooooo 🙌”

“There will never be a better version of this song than the original, but I hope I was able to do [Switchfoot] some justice with this cover. This is the first song I remember loving in my life 🤍🚀 Let me know what y’all think!” Doleac wrote in an Instagram caption as his version released on Friday. Switchfoot showed their support again in the comments: “So good! 🙌”

Doleac revealed earlier this week that he and his wife, MacKinnon, are expecting Baby No. 1. The sweet pregnancy announcement comes shortly after they celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary. Doleac shared in his announcement: “We have talked about this day since the very first night we met. [MacKinnon] you have never looked so beautiful, and you are going to be the best mom in the whole world. Baby Doleac, March 2024. I’m trying to play it cool right now but I haVE NEVER BEEN MORE EXCITED AB ANYTHING IN MY LIFE!!!!”

Listen to Doleac’s version of “Dare You To Move” here: